South Bank, November

If I may be so bold, you look a touch aweary midst this mizzling November mist. If I may be so bold, lay down your quill and your quarto, your brush and your bradawl, and join me for a walk along the south bank of London town, where the blue lights blink in the scarecrow trees like the eyes of Sinatran angels.

Wear this Basso & Brooke coat dress with thick ribbed grey tights and these laced skater boots from Clarks (no snob, I); slip the new Masaaki Suzuki Bach Mass in B Minor onto your iTouch; and hoof it head heavenward to the Tate Modern.

If you were in the mood for an exhibition, you would see The World As A Stage, a patchy but thought-provoking theatrically-themed melange of installations, sculptures and performances from international contemporary artists; but you're not, so just jump over the crack and sashay into the shop. For your sternum: the Untitled necklace from Tatty Divine for the Tate collection. For your pocket: a new mini hardback edition of Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience, reproduced with full illustrations and illuminations.

Now, gulp a gingerbread latte on a bench overlooking the melancholy, mucky, magnificent Thames, open C.J.Sansom's Dissolution, and lose yourself in a world of monks, snow and murder.

Some kind of wonderful, kid.