Vote for your favourite fictional characters

Great literary characters are as complex as you and I. Subtle and surprising souls who shimmer in the mutable, multicoloured motley of humanity, the Edward Rochesters and Iagos and Anne Elliots of the fictional world transcend cliché and categorisation. Despite the slings and arrows of schoolroom seminars, Sparks Notes and shoddy sequels, they remain proudly irreducible to specious, snappy soundbites and biased pseudo-psychological profiles. guardian

So I've gone and written snappy, specious and biased pseudo-psychological profiles of 25 great literary characters for The Guardian / Nintendo DS 100 Classic Books Poll. Idea being to get all you over-educated, novel-stroking blog-browsers with too much time on your ink-stained hands to vote for the Most Romantic Hero, Most Romantic Heroine, Most Evil Villain, Most Irritating Character and Best Performance By An Animal in aforementioned 100 classic books.

Ah go on, it may all be meaningless shit-stirring but it's always fun to pick sides. Anyway, you know you hate Hamlet really.