Quiet epiphanies

So I'm sitting in front of the fire in the macaroon-hued, squish-textured Adam Room in Bovey Castle, watching the inevitable Sunday rain baptise the fir and furze-fuzzed hills with glitter and squelch. I am listening to Seth Lakeman, the gritty Dartmoor troubadour with the outstanding arms. I walked past an owl on the way to breakfast. I have found, I feel, where I truly belong. Bovey has seemed a particularly magical place over the past couple of days thanks to Like Minds 2010.

Friday's conference in Exeter was a high-energy, nil-bullshit ideafeast with a rock concert feel, and yesterday's summit in Bovey was a truly unique opportunity to join with ten other socially curious cats from around the world without politics, preconceptions and pomp to explore how social media can transform people, experiences, businesses and society.

I have historically kept Hitchcock Blonde and Molly Flatt a little apart, protecting the wordbird from the mediabroad, the private from the public Blonde. Like Minds has blasted through that barrier, seeing me both cross-legged in a leather chair, earnest and lost in conversation as my brain flips with new perspectives, and running across Bovey's golf course, my parka hood flying and my mud-clodded shoes ripping up manicured turf - simultaneously and authentically the 27-year-old cerebralista and the 5-year-old fabulist.

Who knew that it was kind of OK to integrate the two? This is proving to be a very interesting year. So it seems apt to share a scarily self-revealing video shot in this very room last night by Trey.