Sweet Tooth

This seems the exact thing to ease us into evening.

It simply demands a whiskey sour and a big slice of Battenburg. But before you crank it up loud on the Oldsmobile Super 88 and go find a heavy-lidded hitchhiker to kill, Sweet Tooth, the duo behind that three minutes fifty-five seconds of eerie-lounge lusciousness, have a task for you.

They're asking us all to make a paper heart, write on it the name of something/one/where that we love, take a snap of it in our chosen location, post it up online and let them know. So, being a good girl who does what she's told, here's mine:

That's my horse's bum. I tried to get it a bit more, well, picturesque, but he wouldn't stand still.

Via Making Me, which is, incidentally, brilliant.