Yanni my love, I'm sorry I don't use my eReader any more

Here's a documentary I took part in about eReaders and, well, eReading. It's been produced by the lovely filmster-in-making Shiryn Burns-Hill as part of her graduation from the London College of Fashion, a seriously bright spark who I'm sure we'll see more of once she returns from filming her adventure documentary in Australia (I know, kids these days).

I think it's an accessible, entertaining overview with an eclectic selection of talking heads - although I do think dubbing me 'journalist' is rather optimistic, and I'd better tell the Guardian that occasionally poking 800 words of ramble into their reluctant in-box definitely denotes 'Working For Them'.

Nonetheless, my contriubtion is a shorter version of this piece I wrote for their Books Blog about literary media overload, if your appetite has been piqued.

Have a watch, and vent your eOpinions below.