Two By Two

Now here's an idea. A socio-techno-enviro-biblical idea, which are often pretty good ones. A rather excellent man I know vaguely from various social media shenanigans, Mr Phil Campbell, is building an ark.

But this is no bog-standard deluge-dodging zoophiliac zeppelin with dove-'n-branch sat-nav; this is a crowdsourced, livestreamed, zero carbon, living-roof landARK that Phil will use as a base for good-doing projects in surrounding Notthingham. As he puts it, "no job, no home but social media. epic digital nomad quest." Whoa, Noah.

day1 | | 365 days from Philip Campbell on Vimeo.

Yes, I want one. I want one to write a novel in. And read. And explore the forest. And dress up and pretend... stop. This is not about me.

There's a lot of nonsense talked about how social technologies transform our 'engagement with life' - this is one which actually brings the debate out of waffling blog wankery and into the real, leafy, messy world. I'll certainly be following Phil's daily progress as he touts for sponsors, ideas and tech. I'm even going to drop a pound or two into his coffers.

I've always admired explorers, and nowadays it's harder and harder to find a true quest. This is a journey that has it all - man, nature, a baby daughter, a whole lot of geekery and a whole lot of bracing common sense - all without leaving our island.

Take that, Ararat.