New Horizons

So, first this happened.

Then this.

And then I blew whole facade of sophistication and glamour away at an Umbrian waterfall, to the considerable surprise of a family of Asian tourists.

And you know what? Returning to real life isn't an anticlimax at all. The main thing I have brought back with me, along with a new ring, a great ringmaster style jacket from Florence and oh shit, yeah, an eternally-bound 6'6" Greek-Irish-American, is renewed conviction to spend my time like it is gold dust and not take no for an answer (especially from me).

So... coming very soon - with the help of an extraordinary creative genius - is an appropriately reborn, newly designed and newly focused on sharing and swapping experiences of reading and writing with, well, all of you; expect deeper, in-depth pieces about fiction, publishing and yes, even extracts from my own novel-in-progress. I'll still pull in my other theatre, fashion, literature and technology journalism from the Guardian, Bookdiva et al via RSS, but this will become a much more conversational space where I specifically hope to connect with fellow readers and writers about the joys and struggles of made-up worlds.

Abraham Cowley exhorted us to "build yourself a book-nest to forget the world without". I want to build us a book-nest to discover the world without.

I really, really hope you'll join me. Bring a twig.