Let's Build Ourselves A Book Nest

It's been a while coming, but the brand new mollyflatt.com is most definitely alive!

This is an interesting autumn for me. I have gone part-time in my day job so that I can focus on my journalism and, most importantly, getting the first draft of my novel nailed. I am two weeks into the Faber Academy Writing A Novel 2011 course (more on that to come; I was sceptical too), I have just finished my first feature for Slow Journalism print almanac Delayed Gratification Quarterly, and I am starting to commission and write features for the next issue of PHOENIX magazine, following last issue's sell-out debut on the newsstands. In between, I'm writing my regular articles for Bookdiva and London Calling, and still managing to fit in the odd piece for the Guardian too.

So it seems perfect timing to have a new home on the web just as my identity as a professional writer seems to be taking wing. As I explained back in June, the new site is focused on building a community of likeminded people who want to share and swap experiences of the arts, cyber culture, the city and the country, but most of all: reading and writingAbraham Cowley exhorted us to “build yourself a book-nest to forget the world without”. If I could sum up my aim for mollyflatt.com in one sentence?

I want to build us a book-nest to discover the world without.

So, if you explore the site you'll find Blogs (rambling thoughts about my life, my writing and the universe), Features (teasers and links to articles I've written for other publications, on and offline), Reviews (short, sharp, down and dirty opinions on what I'm reading, watching and doing) and Debates (cheeky little conversation starters that sit on that big black strip on the homepage).

I have also set myself the task of sharing the discoveries and encounters I experience as I progress with my novel - a subject upon which I have previously been either silent or wilfully obscure - so look out for deeper, in-depth pieces about the nature of writing fiction, publishing and yes, perhaps even extracts.

I am hugely grateful for those who have read, responded and generally engaged with my thoughts so far - I look forward to building an even deeper, more eclectic and more disruptive conversation.

Tell me what you think, what you want to see, what you want to do - let's build that book nest, twig by twig.

NB: Huge thanks to the hugely patient and stupidly talented Simon Davies for designing and building this entire site for free. He is also extremely attractive.