PHOENIX What would your ideal magazine website look like? Why do you visit sites associated with print magazines? How do you connect with mags on social? And what would bring you back to a fashion and culture site again and again, every day, like a drooling, toothless glossy-mag meth-head?

I am delighted to have been appointed Digital Editor for PHOENIX Magazine. I've been Features Editor for our print edition for the past three years, and now I have the opportunity to redefine everything we do online, including a full web redesign and overhaul of our social media strategy. I'd love you to tell me what you want.

PHOENIX is an independent, London-based quarterly magazine which brings the perspective back to fashion and culture. Perspective in the sense of an intelligent and witty view on a breathless industry; and perspective in the sense of taking a stand, having an opinion and promoting quality and originality in all its forms. In short, cutting-edge creativity from some of the best writers, stylists, designers, artists, photographers, actors and musicians around.

As someone who is both a paper-sniffing, hardback-reading traditionalist, and a tech-licking, Kindle-touting geek, I want PHOENIX to be the place where we can reconcile both extremes of our twenty-first century appetites. So, while our quarterly print magazine is the spirit of PHOENIX - the place where you can shut out the world, mix a negroni and luxuriate over deeply delicious shoots, features and interviews - the website will become the place where you can live like a PHOENIX every day, via short, visual, real-time nuggets of inspiration and opinion. Premium espresso shots for the mind, body and soul, if you will.

Social media is the beating heart of PHOENIX digital. Hell, I want to do as little work as possible; you're the ones who know where the everyday gold lies. My dream is to build a community of brilliant people who embody the PHOENIX attitude, sharing ways in which we can cut through the same old anodyne bullshit and rise above the rest in what we wear, read, watch, visit, do, listen to and buy.

So talk to me. Let me know what you want. Who you want. Where you want it. How you want to be involved. Leave a comment here, connect with me on Twitter, drop me an email.

Oh, and did I mention that you can buy our latest issue, SUNSHINE & SHOWERS, online right now? Oh look, I just did. You know what to do.