On books that started as podcasts (and vice versa)

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Last week I was delighted to be invited into The Mothership to talk about how (and why) podcasts are being turned into books with the delicious Mariella Frostrup on BBC Radio 4’s Open Book. I name-checked three personal favourites - My Dad Wrote a Porno, The Guilty Feminist and Welcome To Night Vale - but I’d love to discover some new ones, so do let me know your own favourites too.

We also talked about the three-part podcast I created with Pan Macmillan around the paperback launch of The Charmed Life of Alex Moore. Now available to download on iTunes, Spotify and Acast, The Success Monologues saw me tour the UK asking amazing women (from an asylum seeker to the Head of Technology for Sky) to share their stories about how they’ve challenged their limiting self-beliefs and redefined what success looks like in their lives.

Yeah, I know, tough gig.

You can catch up on the Open Book episode here - our chat starts 10 minutes in, but the whole show’s a cracker (the stuff about queer nature writing is brilliant).

Happy listening; let me know what you think. 🎙📚🎧💫